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PhoneGap 2 Demo v1.7.0 released

Hi all

PhoneGap 2 Demo v.1.7.0 is released.  This version I updated PhoneGap to the latest version 2.5.0.

In this release I break down the whole thing into multiple files.  Let me know if you experience improvement on your device.

Source code to be posted…..


Update to PhoneGap 2.5 and JQuery Mobile 1.3.0

Hi all,
I am currently updating the package to the latest version of PhoneGap 2.5 and the JQuery Mobile 1.3.0.

Thanks for the recent comment made by a user. I spent some time to improve the overall performance. Some preliminary tests are promising.

Sorry fot the sluggishness of the app. Right now I am taking the whole package down into pieces and hopefully you will see and feel the improvement of the next release.

Stay tune.