PhoneGap 2 Demo 1.8.1 is released today.

Today I further enhance the overall performance of the app. In the previous versions, I did a few things including but not limited to putting the javasript code at the end of the html, disabling transition, disabling ajax etc. But have not seen much noticeable performance gain. Then I dissembled the whole app (index.html) into multiple functional pages, used touchend event for anchor links etc but still didn’t help improve a lots overall. But I know I am on the right track. In this release, I did 3 major things.

1) incorporate subpage plugin

2) take out all javascript codes, put then in separate files and then minified them using yuicompressor(v.2.4.2)

3) incorporate fastbuttons plugin for converting click event to JQuery Mobile normalized vclick event.

Now transition is re-enabled and I hope you find it runs significantly faster than before.

Source code to be posted soon.  Thanks